Announcement of the immigrants hunger strikers in Paranesti Camp, Drama

We are on hunger strike. Close Paranesti camp. Bring liberty to obtain documents on our names. Being free is the natural right of a human being. We have to go on hunger strike for our request to the greek government. Being free is our human right that should belong to us. To go un hunger strike is to strike out on our freedom. Death is to continue strike. Or death or freedom.

Lippis / Waqas Hassan / Wajid Hussain / Aamir Sohail / Muhammad Bilal / Abbar Ahmed / Ahmad Bashir / Acoo Burhan / Yaled Mostafa / Evan Nazem Hassan / Aras Aram / Alawse Alaa / Ahmad Alhal Shini / Arejalel Ahmad / Reda Abdoalhlem / Fazel Bashir Bashir / Gulan Ali / Meraj Sarmadi / Arash Godarzi / Mohsen Nori Jani / Keivan Karimi / Hamed Taghilo / Hossein Ghadimi

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